"Using psychological science to create equal opportunities to the American Dream" 


This Weekend Retreat Series has been designed for the purposes of empowering Black male college students!

The purpose of this retreat is to build your College's capacity to educate its Black male students by engaging them with a curricular pathway to empowerment. this curricular pathway is both racially-appropriate and intrinsically considerate of the psychosocial experiences of Black males.

This Weekend Retreat Series strategically engages Black males with a racially-contextualized curriculum (information, instructions, ideas, people, support, resources, social networks, etc.) that is capable of building into program participants, the psychological skill-set (responsibility, independence, hope, motivation, focus, resilience, impulse control, delayed gratification, confidence, etc.) required for sustained engagement with the educational process.


1. Strategically addresses the social, psychological, and educational risks that are responsible for the profoundly complex issue of poor educational outcomes on the part of Black male college students.

2. Considers and integrates psychoeducational materials that are relevant to the historical and modern-day social experiences of this specific portion of the American population.

 3. Engages Black males with racially and culturally contextualized lectures, exercises, activities, and events that are designed to foster optimal personal development.

 4. Addresses the Black male college student’s psychosocial barriers to motivation and learning. 

 5. Provides Black male students with the information and motivation necessary for overcoming race-related social barriers, economic struggles, issues with internalized racism, jaded belief-system, demoralized value-system, and a disempowered self-system (esteem, efficacy, and image).


1. Increased levels of self-efficacy and self-esteem.
2. Enhanced critical thinking and decision-making skills.
3. Enhancement of emotional intelligence levels.
4. Increased levels of overall self-awareness.
5. Enhanced psychological skill-set for overcoming racism, stigma, and discrimination.
6. Increased ability to control impulses and delay gratification.
7. Increased interpersonal communication skills.
8. Increased ability to access campus resources.


1. Visions Casting, Goal Setting, and Action Planning
2. The Fear of Failure and the Hope of Success
3. Black Male Leadership, Duty, and Responsibility  
4. Healthy Relationships with Moms, Girlfriends, and Wives
5. Forgiving our Fathers and Becoming Men
6. Man in the Mirror: Self-Esteem and Self-Image
7. Turning Information into Power, Opportunity, and Access
8. Overcoming Racism and Uninternalizing Stigma
9. Finding Meaning, Purpose, and Spirituality
10. Work Ethic, Discipline, and Focus
11. Emotion Management and Emotional Intelligence
12. Managing Responsibilities, Activities, and Stress
13. Diversity, Inclusion, and Cross-Racial Communication
14. Constructing an Empowering Social Network
15. Breaking Addictions, Habits, and Hang-Ups
16. Scholarship and Academic Excellence
17. Maximizing Strengths and Minimizing Weaknesses
18. Using Campus Resources
19. Managing Time, Money, and People
20. Professionalism and Etiquette Training
21. Career Exploration, Planning, and Advising

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