"Using psychological science to create equal opportunities to the American Dream" 


This 3-dimensional style of stigma-suppressing coping effectively empowers the Black male to not let his experiences with racism trigger dysfunctional thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This 3-dimensional stigma-appropriate form of coping empowers a Black male client to control his perceptual responses, his emotional responses, and his behavioral responses to racism. Such productive coping will minimize the ability of racism to negatively affect a Black male’s relationships and general social performance. In this 3-dimensional style of coping, a Black male is in fact controlling how he thinks about his stigmatizing experiences, how he expresses the emotions connected to his stigmatizing experiences, and what behaviors he will use to overcome his stigmatic experiences. This 3-dimensional system of coping, when used effectively and routinely in a supportive environment, will result in decreased levels of psychological stress as the Black male client will begin to, and continue to, realize the power he has to un-internalize or avoid the internalization of National Stigma.