"Using psychological science to create equal opportunities to the American Dream" 


founder & Director

Andre R. Fields, Ph.D.

As we press deeper into the present millennium, the gap separating the social progress of Black Americans and other racial groups continues to increase. The IAAP believes that these statistical gaps are caused by psychological struggles which are rooted in toxic sociocultural experiences encountered during the Black American lifespan. Specifically, the IAAP philosophy assumes that Race-Specific underachievement issues (education, underemployment, criminality, poverty, etc.) are related to Race-Specific Psychological Issues (hopelessness, low self-efficacy, decreased motivation, etc.) which are related to Race-Specific Social Experiences (racism, stigma, and discrimination).

Despite the generational travesty of Black Americans experiencing extreme social hardship, minimal amounts of research has been devoted to investigating the psychological experiences of Black Americans.  As a result, there is now a collective deficit of empirical information related to improving the mental and emotional functioning of Black Americans. The IAAP has made improving the life outcomes of Black Americans its organizational responsibility. Specifically, the IAAP has the strategic goal of equipping Black Americans (via evidence based therapeutic interventions) with the psychological resources necessary to overcome the societal factors that have traditionally complicated the psychological development and ultimately, the life outcomes of this portion of the population.

The IAAP utilizes the science of psychology to investigate and integrate empirical discoveries into curriculums, frameworks, and interventions in an effort to enhance and expand the capacity for institutions and organizations to effectively serve the Black American population. By systematically researching the psychological experiences of Black Americans, research based models are created and effectively serve as supports and buffers that work to prevent and/or remedy the psychological impact of debilitating social forces.

In conclusion, the ultimate purpose of the IAAP is to enhance the mental, emotional, and behavioral functioning of the Black race, so that collectively, they are more effective at overcoming the problematic social and cultural barriers they face on a daily basis.

Andre R. Fields, Ph.D.